POD070 ::Top: 600 x 500 mm

Standard Pulpits and Podiums
  • Height :   1200 mm
  • Material thickness : 8 mm 

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Product Name: POD070
Brand: Pulpits SA
Categorised as: Wood | Plexiglas Pulpits n' Podiums
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PULPITS SA is a South Africa based company that majors in manufacturing and distribution of ACRYLIC PULPITS / PODIUMS. PULPITS SA was established in 2010 following the demand of modern elegant clear Acrylic podiums.

Owned by Paul Wesley Makhala. PULPITS/ Podiums find application in diverse fields such as Churches, schools, colleges, institutes, corporate houses, trade shows etc. We distribute our products locally & internationally.

We also manufacture relevant ACRYLIC products, please see our product category. Our Acrylic Pulpits are a contemporary alternative to the traditional wooden Pulpit set. We have many styles to choose from.

Our excellent construction of acrylic podiums are manufactured using pure acrylic raw materials, giving a classy and sophisticated look to the product.

All of our podiums have unique and modern designs that will add elegance and beauty to your sanctuary or conference room. The speaker, being visible can have a better impact on the audience and along with his body language establish a proper communication channel.

Our Vision

To supply elegant podiums to the world and create funds that will sponsor the gospel of Jesus Christ and help disadvantaged children, equipping them with necessary tools to face the future.

Our Mission

To help as much children as possible within our vicinity to face the world with hope, faith and love through part of the funds made.

Our Purpose

To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is delivered to us.










Unit 56, Allandale Business Park Corner Le Roux and Morkels Close Half-Way House, Midrand Johannesburg, 1687
callus +27 11 312 7458 callus +27 10 023 0955 Email Us info@pulpits.co.za

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